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Friday, September 27, 2013

How much should you pay for that BamCool.com domain name?

The domain name that is perfect for your new company is already registered.  That is usually the case these days but doesn't mean it can't be yours.  The price you  pay for that perfect domain name depends mostly on the expectations of the seller.   If the domain is in auction the cost will be related to the reserve price if any and the frenzy that sometimes accompanies auctions.  If it has a fixed price that doesn't always mean it is (try making a fair offer you can afford).  

First you should see if it is a developed  website.  This is not always easy because a lot of sellers will create a site that can look real and it may even be making money for them.   It could even be in a completely different market area than what you had envisioned for the name.  Don't let this stop you.  Find the owner by doing a whois search.   There will be times when this utility doesn't give you the needed information because of privacy layers.   It should at least yield an email address which could  give you more information. 

In the end a domain name is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it.  Have fun!

BamCoin.com  The new world economy could be based on this.
PayBam.com    Or this
Tpenny.com      Or this
BamFab.com     Fashion
Catyy.com         Startups

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The new domain extensions.

You may be aware that there are some new extensions in the domain name world.   In addition to the standard .com, .net etc there are a whole bunch more coming.  These will include .web, .book, .art etc.  Some large companies such as Google and Amazon have a large number of these coming online.  I am not getting on the band wagon right away because I remember what happened with .mobi.  But then again if you don't get in at first it may be too late.

BamPros.com   Startup
BamHip.com     Blog
BamLights.com Startup
BamFlow.com   Startups
Wealtheo.com   Investments

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some BamCool.com domains.

The most important parameter in the formula for the success of a business is the name.  It is intellectually pleasing and  simply very smart when the domain name matches.  It is even more joyful when the Twitter and blog name is the same.

BamGate.com  Startups
PhiRay.com     Anything
BamSync.com  Backups
BamView.com Mobile App
BamIce.com     Startup name
Uz3d.com         3d Printing

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